Pulling Series 2

Pulling Series 26 x 30 for BBC3

PULLING Series 2

After Donna split up with Karl he had a breakdown, tried to kill himself and ended up (for some reason) shitting into cereal boxes. So now that they have finally moved on and become friends Donna is over the moon. That is until it becomes clear that Karl actually has moved on, and suddenly some weird and perverse little synapse in Donna’s brain pops a gasket and she realises with a mounting sense of horror that she’s going to have to get back together with the fucker. The only problem is that to Donna’s complete mystification, Karl doesn’t seem to realise that he’s still in love with her. He’s obviously going to need some help.

Karen bumps into her ex-boyfriend Danny. Actually, she sort of falls into him, as they are both in a postman’s pub at five in the morning, too drunk to stay upright. She ignores the fact that he once tried to kill her and that he’s on his second liver because when he’s sober he’s smart, kind, funny and very intelligent. When he’s not, he tends to take crack and steal things but then no man’s perfect.

And Louise is really moving her life forward. She toys with kleptomania, dates a sex offender and has a man fall asleep in her mouth while she’s performing oral sex on him, but there’s a definite sense that things are moving forward. Well, not backwards. Well, not backwards fast, and that’s the main thing. I mean isn’t that what life’s really about?

Lucy Lumsden commissioned the show which was created by Sharon Horgan, Dennis Kelly and Harry Thompson and written by Sharon Horgan (Pilot Show, Monkey Dust, Friday Night Project) and Dennis Kelly (Debris, After the End, The Colony, Monkey Dust). It was produced by Phil Bowker (Time Gentlemen Please, 15 Storeys High)and directed by Tristram Shapeero (Absolute Power, Green Wings, Peep Show).


‘I laughed until I cried’ Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

‘BBC 3’s excellent new six-part comedy drama series… Horgan is clearly gifted comedic presence of Julia Davis-like proportions.’ Victor Lewis Smith, London Evening Standard

Nicely written, winningly performed and very entertaining’ Time Out

‘This is a South London Bridget Jones with a keener edge and won’t disappoint.’ Marie Claire

‘A sharp and filthy script, and excellent, naturalistic performances, result in levels of toe-curling mortification not seen since The Office, or the early films of Mike Leigh. One to watch, if you can bear to’ The Independent on Sunday ABC Magazine

‘Rejoice in this funny perceptive, occasionally excruciating sitcom. It’s shiny and sharp, like a Sabatier, so please watch’ The Guardian

‘This sharp new comedy is set to keep you hooked.’ Mail on Sunday Live Magazine

‘Often very funny…an unsentimental antidote to Sex and the City, which is at its best when showing selfishness or sexual rivalry trumping sisterly solidarity.’ The Sunday Times

‘[A] likeable, rather rude new comedy series…with an endearing turn by Sharon Horgan as Donna’ The Times

‘A terribly filthy comedy drama, right from the very first scene’ Daily Mail Weekend

‘A cracker of a new comedy…with a superb script (co-written by Horgan) and great performances, this is a real feel-good, girls’ night out of a sitcom’ Daily Mirror We Love Telly!

‘Pulling is the sharpest, freshest and boldest comedy of the year, immaculately written and beautifully performed by a uniformly excellent cast.’ The Stage

‘Modern version of Girls Behaving Badly.’ The Sun

‘An excellent new sitcom’ Heat

‘Horgan…is terrific, and there were moments… of real horror.’ The Independent

‘This tale of twenty/ thirtysomething relationships is driven along by a real sense that chaos lurks very near the surface of all it’s characters…not to mention good jokes and clever swearing… macabre but big laughs are on the cards.’ The Guardian Guide

New flat-sharing comedy that’s anything but flat…[a] promising double bill to start this new sitcom.’ The Guardian Guide

‘With this wickedly funny comedy, Sharon Horgan may well have wrestled the crown for funniest-if-slightly-warped writer/actress from the head of Julia Davis. Yes, it’s that good.’ Total TV

Written by
Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly

Phil Bowker

Tristram Shapeero

Executive Producer
Daisy Goodwin

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